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@ Tomasz Chrapek

Iceland can be an absolutely stunning place to Paraglide. But don’t come here for your normal flying holiday, come for an adventure holiday in stunning nature with the hope of a flight as an added bonus 🙂 Having said that, your chances of getting a flight in are quite good if you stay a while in summer.

We recommend you stay two weeks or at least ten days… a week is cutting it a bit short if you get unlucky with weather. We also recommend around 21. June which is the longest day, as the sun never sets, and our club organises a midnight flight. The Icelandic open (Cat 2 comp) is usually around this time as well. It’s a fun competition for our pilots to get together and we are normally joined by several visiting pilots. Rent a car (4×4), drive around, fly in remote places and chances are you’ll unveil a new and never before flown site.

There are no rules or regulations, you can fly and land anywhere… see a hill, wanna fly it, go fly it 🙂 Only thing to look out for is airspace… and the weather, it can change quickly. Soaring in the midnight sun, thermalling over waterfalls, wild flying over endless lava fields. Paragliding in Iceland is stunning, but you have to know what you are doing. Talk to local pilots, do your weather checks, be nice to farmers, respect our delicate yet fierce nature and you should be fine…

Here are some helpful links to help you get started:

Facebook chat forum to organise flying (introduce yourself here, ask for advice, organise a pub meet-up):

Map of some known spots with weather links:

Known flying spots: (website down due to maintenance)

Weather forecast:

Weather observations:

Weather station on top of Hafrafell, Reykjavík:

Weather station on top of Háfell, Vík í Mýrdal:

Weather station on top of Esja:

Weather station at Esja bottom:

Web cams:

Icelandic airspace

Flying period statistics:
Number of Flying Days in a Month

Have a look here for tracklogs dating way back:

Paragliding Iceland on Facebook:
Paragliding Iceland

Iceland Paragliding Open:
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