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Íslenska vefsíðan er hér –

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“Amazing Experience”

For everyone who enjoys a little bit of adrenalin
and adventure or the nature enthusiast.
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“A great flight”

Icelandic scenery from a view
even more beautiful than from the ground
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“You will love this!”

There's just something about being in the sky,
it's so calm and beautiful

Available All Year

15. April - 31. Oct.

Visiting Pilots

Paragliding Tandem Flight

Experience Icelandic nature from above, silently gliding with the birds. On our Introductory Tandem Paragliding Flight you are in the safe hands of a qualified Instructor as s/he takes you on your first flight of freedom!

Paragliding Adventure Day Tour

In this tour, you experience everything the South Coast has to offer; powerful waterfalls, glaciers, black beaches. And if the weather Gods are on our side, you also get to silently glide over one of those stunning sights in a Tandem Paraglider.

Information for Visiting Pilots

Soaring in the midnight sun, thermalling over waterfalls, wild flying over lava fields. Paragliding in Iceland is stunning, but you have to know what you are doing. Respect our delicate yet fierce nature and you should be fine...

Day Tour Video