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Íslenska vefsíðan er hér –

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“Amazing Experience”

For everyone who enjoys a little bit of adrenalin
and adventure or the nature enthusiast.
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“A great flight”

Icelandic scenery from a view
even more beautiful than from the ground
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“You will love this!”

There's just something about being in the sky,
it's so calm and beautiful

Explore Iceland with a new dimension

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Adventure Day Tour

On a Paragliding Adventure Day Tour you are not a tourist. You are one of the Paragliding group, a student of aviation, an explorer. While we introduce you to the wonders of free flight you will experience Iceland from a stunning new perspective; the bird's eye view. Our tours are based on the freedom of flight, so we will go where the winds take us. This tour is for the open minded and flexible adventurer. Are you?
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59.000 ISK

Tandem Flight

Paragliding is the simplest and purest form of flying available to man. A tandem flight is an Introductory Paragliding Flight. As a passenger you need no prior knowledge, just come with us and experience the world from a new and exciting perspective. Once the Paraglider is inflated and safety checks are done we take a few steps down a slope until we are walking on air.
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35.000 ISK

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Meet the team

Tandem Instructor Pilot

12 years international experience. Iceland’s Paragliding instruction entrepreneur and chief organiser. Speciality: Aerobatic maneuvers.

Tandem Instructor Pilot

8 years international experience. Assistant instructor and event organiser. Speciality: Wing control and low flying.

For the Love of Flying

At the forefront of Paragliding experience in Iceland our combined skillset is key to our longstanding partnership. Our ambition is to nurture new pilots and see the free flying community prosper in our country. We just love flying. And we feel privileged to be able to share the freedom of flight with you.